A fraction,of the fractions lessons, that I still love teaching

So we ( that’s we – students) now know how to find equivalent fractions and how to add and subtract simple fractions with the same denominator. 

I have added a fractions bar excercise now too thanks to @missnorthedge

Teaching adding and subtracting fractions 2 – The Storeroom ( it’s brilliant )

I would usually have to lead students away from making the assumption that if the numerators are the same they stay the same and you add the denominators. 

So what do we have left to master ? 

  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Fractions of quantities
  • Multiplying fractions
  • Dividing fractions 
  • Incorporating mixed numbers

Adding and subtracting fractions , my cartman idea appeals to me, it was the way I was taught by Mr Berry lots of years ago, way before cartman was a twinkle in Tray  Parker’s eye.   Cross multiply and multiply the denominators. It looks like Cartman is laughing. I’ve found that all students relate to it. 

A few years ago, a year 10 student showed me the kiss method, thank you mathswatch,  I’ve used it, as an alternative for those who don’t like numbers, ever since.

call me cartwheel

When it comes to fractions of quantities, another student fully embraced the ideology that just because he couldn’t sing doesn’t mean he wouldn’t sing. Shouted / sang loudly and in no key what so ever … Divide by the bottom, then times it by the top. I play the recording of him and put up an example 

So the example I’ve always used came from a GCSEs paper. It is 7/8 of 32 = 28 using Tom’s beautiful recording is definitely a hook. 

White boards AFL then again, a mastery exercise. 

The next task is where fractions are starting to become easy. Students are now on a roll and have discovered for themselves that “fractions are indeed easy”

Multiplying Fractions

I use a simple fact sheet and roving reporter. My tables of 4 set in Kagan groupings are given a fact sheet  and asked to work with numbered heads together on multiplying fractions 2/5 x 3/6 = 1/5 and ask them to find out how they could get the answer.  

After 2 minutes, each  groups send out group member 2 to discover what other teams have done. A random table now come to the white board and share their ideas with the class. A mastery exercise and an AFL exercise. 

Dividing Fractions

Oh dear, this is where we panic as it now includes both division and fractions.  (we are happy with fractions now but the dord division has elicited a mild panic )

Ask students to describe in less than 8 words what I do. Demonstrate an example, students will come up with 

same,change, flip, times top, times bottom. 

Differentiated RAG questions, AFL and mastery. 

I usually reintroduce mixed numbers at this stage but accept that this is dependant on ability. 

My final teaching is what I call the dog meat questions. 

Random student name/ teachers name , is going away for a  long spa weekend . They have two dogs , Rover and Fido. They eat 3/4 can and 1/2 can respectively  at each meal.   Rover eats 3 times a day, Fido twice.  My spa weekend is  going to last 5 days. How much food do I need to leave ….. 

My final homework is where each table writes a fractions mastery work sheet with answer key for one of their colleagues on a different table . 

I love fractions 😍

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