Why does a maths teacher read the Core texts ? 


Reading the core texts;  It’s another way to make a difference

Every school I have worked in , every year group I teach, I do the same thing… Not with my teaching, that changes every week.

I’m talking about the core English texts. A maths teacher who has read the English texts because she wanted to , not because she had to. At my last school, I mentored a year 11 student, actually I mentored her in year 9 – 11. She was an incredibly gifted young lady who had so many talents but she didn’t see any of them (sound familiar?)

It was time for her English controlled assessment; Romeo and Juliet; Of Mice and Men; Great Expectations and To Kill a Mickingbird. Two of which I studied at O level, a long time ago, another my husband had played George on stage and, the final one, one of my favourite books.

So we meet up to discuss her controlled assessment and for her to plan her study programme. It made such a difference that she could see that even I, a maths teacher, thought the books were worth reading. She was about to jump on the

“When will I need to know what happens in these books” band wagon when, there was I in front of her. I’d read them and I didn’t need to read them.. But I had 😱

It really was a moment of clarity for her. if I’d bothered reading them, then maybe , just maybe, there was a point to reading them. Year after year, I have found that being able to discuss a book with a student from; About a Boy to Holes to Skellig to Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Recently a year 7 student was going through a very difficult time but he was excited because he was going to the theatre to see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The fact that I was able to talk to him about the play was incredible. Yet another way to reach out and make a difference to students.

A few years ago a colleague and I took a trip to see Of Mice and Men. Because Hubby was in it, it wasn’t difficult to get audience with the director afterwards! One girls reaction, a low ability year 11 student who had never been to the theatre before will live with me forever. Miss it’s just like going to the pictures but it’s lots better they talk and everything, it proper makes the book make sense, it sort of comes to life like the television doesn’t. Do they do some other books as well ?

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