Starting year 7 , my wish list 

My wish list

In a number of schools nowadays, students are encouraged to become rounded individuals, From pledges to student awards and citizenship challenges.

Not quite the wonderful National Trust list of things to achieve before you are 11¾ but, If I could wave my magic wand, In my ideal Kim world, I would love all new year 7 students:

Academically, I know that primary schools teach these things, over and over again, despite the best protestations of the students, who often swear that they have never been taught some of these skills! I know most primary students can do these things proficiently in year 6…..

In addition to having a pen, pencil and ruler😀

Wearing my maths teacher hat:

“1) To know their times tables confidently. ( my biggest wish )

2) To know their number bonds.

3) To have the confidence to use their fingers, when needed, to count , to add and to subtract.

4) To know the names of shapes with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 sides.

5) To know the supermarket cost of some household essentials,



mars bar

tea bags

500g pasta

tinned tomatoes

1 litre orange juice

500 g any mince ( beef, pork, Turkey or lamb)

330 ml can of coke

500 ml bottle of water.

6) To be able to tell the time.

Wearing my school community hat:

1) To have attended, helped or taken part in a school event.

2) To have represented the school in a competition or attended a school competition to support the team.

3) To have volunteered to mentor younger students.

4) To be a class volunteer monitor.

Wearing my life skills hat:

1) To have visited a library.

2) To have visited a bank.

3) To have flown a kite.

4) To have played a board game.

5) To have been on a bus, tram or train journey.

6) To have weighed out the ingredients for and baked a cake.

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